Research, Policy and Program Development

Gillian Corless

Gillian’s masters from McGill University took her to Iqaluit to study community-based policy and planning in Nunavut. As Director of Policy and Planning with the Government of Nunavut, she travelled to most communities across all three regions of the territory, leading policy initiatives for Inuit culture and language, Elders and youth. Later as the lead for Nunavut’s Promise to Children and Youth, Gillian partnered with social workers, dancers and local artists to create a program for youth mental health, delivered through a hands-on cultural experience workshop. From her work in northern communities, Gillian respects cultural values and different world views, and understands the importance of listening to communities.

Now a project director at the University of British Columbia on a research team studying the health and development of children, Gillian is committed to partnering with schools, Aboriginal communities, and organizations to support cooperation around the well-being of children and families.

Gillian brings her strength in planning, creative thinking, and project management to Northern Counselling.

Kathryn Boyd, MA, CCC

Kathryn holds a Master's Degree in Creative Arts Therapy and as additional training in trauma work as well as solution -focused brief therapy. Kathryn grounds her work as a counselor in narrative therapy practices, listening carefully to the stories people share about their lives. She honors the incredible resilience of the human spirit.

Kathryn fell in love with Canada's north while living and working as a community counselor in Paulatuk, NWT for three years. Currently Kathryn is based in the hustle and bustle of downtown Toronto.

Kathleen Roach, MA Psych (cand), RPC

Kathleen Roach has been counselling and working with groups for over 30 years. She has a Diploma of Professional Counselling from VCCT, a BA (PSYCH) from Antioch University and is currently a Master's candidate. She has also completed training in Gestalt Therapy and courses in Crisis and Suicide Intervention.

Kathleen has counselled for the past 30 years but also worked in qualitative research applying her skill at counselling and knowledge of psychology in that field. She has a love of group work and a special talent for managing group dynamics, creating a comfortable and safe environment in which clients feel open and able to express themselves.

Kathleen has spent time visiting and working in the north and has a strong interest in the native populations around North America. She plans to continue both her studies and her work in that area.

Tracy Wideman

Tracy is currently working toward completing her Master of Psychotherapy and Spirituality degree at St. Stephen’s College in Edmonton. This program integrates both psychology and spirituality, and is broadly inclusive of all spiritual perspectives and traditions.
Tracy has an extensive background in diversity education and community development. She works with the BC provincial government, where she designs and manages programs which build the capacity of organizations and communities to be inclusive of cultural diversity and new immigrants. Prior to her work in government she delivered diversity education to schools and service providers, and facilitated peace-building projects in Sudan.
Honouring diversity and difference is central to her practice. Tracy values collaboration, transparency and compassion and sees counselling as an opportunity for clients to explore, gain insight, and access their inner strengths to make concrete change. She is also an artist and passionate about the potential of creative expression to support healing and growth.